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Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre is a seasoned

provider of physiotherapy treatments in New South Wales

including Hurstville area.

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Pro-Fit Physio Hurstville Specialties

Physical injuries or pain in your muscles, joints, and ligaments can prevent you from living a fulfilling life. At Pro-Fit Physiotherapy Hurstville we help you improve your health for all widespread and not-so-common physical ailments. Healing back injuries, knee and hip pain, post-surgical recovery, sports injuries, arthritis relief, and whole-body and mind improvement are among the subspecialties offered at our Hurstville Physiotherapy location. If you need to eliminate pain, prevent surgery, improve strength and coordination, reduce dependency on medication, boost cardiovascular health and stay fit at every age, visit our physio centre near Hurstville to create your personalised treatment.

What to Expect from Our Pro-Fit Physio Hurstville Team

The reputation we have built over the years assists our physiotherapy team to be held in the highest regard by patients.

As a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, we continually invest in learning and improving physiotherapy treatments through a patient-oriented approach. We listen to your concerns and accordingly design a personalised program that will boost your physical shape and help you make progress over an optimal recovery time.

Pilates Classes in Hurstville Area

Our pilates classes are gentle and modifiable, thus making them an excellent exercise for sports, seniors, and injury recovery patients. Pilates exercises heighten body awareness and prevent falls, improve and maintain mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance, and lessen the effects of debilitating medical conditions. When practising regular pilates, you can enjoy greater core strength and better posture. Our Pro-Fit Physio centre is close to Hurstville and our instructors work in small groups. You get dedicated attention at classes and an individual exercise plan to target your prevalent pains and assist you with faster and better rehabilitation.

Physio Services Available for Hurstvill Area

Give us a call to schedule your first consultation in any of these areas.

Hurstville Remedial Massage Therapy

Our specialists in therapeutic massage relieve chronic disorders and muscular pains with hands-on massage techniques and modern physiotherapy treatments for soft-tissue manipulation. Massage therapy techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, percussion, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep transverse frictions, and compression massage relieve injury pain. Massage is irreplaceable for depression and autoimmune disorders. Reach out to learn more about stress relief and deep healing treatments available at Pro-Fit Physio Hurstville and schedule the most accommodating massage therapy for you.

Kinesiology Taping

Initially started as a means to heal and prevent sports injuries, kinesiology taping is now available to active people across generations who want to maintain certain body areas intact while engaging in their favourite athletic activities. Taping stabilises the injured area while enabling the connective tissue surrounding it to move along with the body, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Our physiotherapist will run a consultation session to determine the type of application stretch and shape of kinesiology (sports) tape. Depending on the injury, you will get advice on how to behave to get the maximum benefits of the sports taping treatment.