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Brittany is a ballet and tap dance

talent with over a decade on stage

as a soloist in eisteddfod competitions.

Dance is her life.

She is now devoted to applying the knowledge and

the experience gained in her 20-year dancing career

along with her knowledge in dance physiotherapy

to help colleagues maximise personal dancing strengths

and skills, as well as minimise risks from injuries.

Why Dance Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy for dancers is not a luxury. You shouldn’t treat yourself only when something goes wrong. Dancers today have access to physio treatments aimed at prevention, injury recovery, and developing their dance clout. With the help from someone who has gone through the same pains and rewards of dance as most dancers have, such as a dance physiotherapist, you can obtain a comprehensive assessment of your vital skills, such as:

  • Technique
  • Foot control
  • Turnout and hip strength
  • Posture
  • Core control and flexibility

Dancers overstretch muscles, tendons, and even bones. Feet, ankles, hips, lower legs and back suffer from all that pointe work. Injuries from carrying the dancer’s body weight can be diagnosed with precision and treated with  dance physio treatments.

Diagnosing and Prevention

When a physiotherapist creates an individual physio program, you can not only say goodbye to the typical dance injuries such as snapping hip syndrome, labral tears, hip, trigger toe, and ankle impingement, hip flexor tendonitis, hip bursitis, Achilles tendonitis, and patellofemoral pain syndrome sooner than expected, but also prevent them from occurring in the future.

Injury Rehabilitation

By leaving injuries untreated, you can damage your body and jeopardise your career. To come back to dance sooner than expected, treat minor and major injuries immediately as they occur. Quickly recuperated injuries and restored body vitality boost your immunity and maintain overall superb health for stellar on-stage performance.

How Kinesio Taping Helps Dancers

Kinesio taping supports body's natural healing process after injury while leaving you free and partially unrestricted to practice and continue doing the job you love with less pain. Along with manual physiotherapy and other orthopedic treatments, it reduces the path to recovery while helping the soft tissue of the hurt part restore its neurological and neuromuscular functions. Kinesio tapes are specially designed to lift and support the skin around injuries, thus reducing inflammation and positively affecting the health of the surrounding muscles, fascia, tendons, joints, and lymphatic system.

How Does Dance Physio Help Ballet Dancers?

Greater vigour, speedy recovery, and total body fitness are three key areas dancers need help with. With over 6 hours per day of continuous training, ballet dancers especially suffer from overextending their body limits.

Core Strength Enhancement

Dancers train rigorously, specialising in specific muscle groups. Such merciless pushing to the limits can lead to muscle overuse and over-exertion during focused training. With the help of dance physio, you can tone your body and develop muscles uniformly for optimal core strength.

Improved Performance

A dance physiotherapist can work on a dancer’s endurance and stamina by boosting cardio benefits with targeted dance exercise, diminishing overall weariness and preventing burnout. By finding and working in your optimal window of performance, you have already invested in long-term dance efficiency, without wasting the fun element.

Educational Benefits

Physiotherapy for dancers helps you know your body well and make effective use of it during daily activities. When you know the way your body works during dance exercise and ballet performance, you become your own best protector and healer, reducing overall risks of injuries and pain threshold.

Dancing Physiotherapy Promotion - Terms and Conditions

15% OFF Dance Physiotherapy For First Time Visitors.

This offer is applicable only for the first visit for dancing physiotherapy. The standard non-promotional cost of Dance Physiotherapy session is $150 and standard non-promotional physiotherapy session is $89 per consultation. |  The assessment is conducted by a licensed physiotherapist. | This promotion begins on 1 March 2022 and is valid until 1 May 2022. Applies to new customers only.


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