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Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre

offers physiotherapy services for the residents of

Bankstown and its closest surroundings.

Located in the easily accessible southwestern Sydney

suburb, our physiotherapy premises provide expert

consultations and treatments for local residents in

Bankstown and neighbouring locations,

offering top professional services.

How To Get Your Free 20-Min Bankstown Physio Assessment

Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre schedules FREE initial 20-min physio assessments for first-time visitors.

Terms and Conditions

To get your free consultation, mention the web ad that got you to our physio Bankstown centre or print the promotional coupon. Only the initial visit is free - all subsequent visits are paid according to the applicable rate, which is $94 per consultation. Try it now and solve acute pains and issues that may have troubled you in years.

Talk to Our Friendly Physiotherapy Staff for Bankstown Residents

Have a troubling question? Something is wrong with your body but you are not sure what?

There is no need to worry.

Our friendly staff is trained to understand the language and the worries of patients and translate it into the physio language to give them proper medical care. We will use the years of experience to see right through your issue description and assign you an adequate personalized treatment with the best Bankstown physiotherapists.

All Physio Bankstown Specials

The following monthly specials are available for Bankstown residents:

- 30% off on the first dietitian consultation

- 30% off on the first 30 minutes of remedial massage

- 50% off on the first needling session

- 50% of on gait scan and foot assessment

- 250$ pass for 10 pilates classes

General and Specialised Physiotherapy Bankstown

Visit our physiotherapy centre located very close to Bankstown for universal physio services to relieve all major physio pains and improve rare physiotherapeutic diagnosis. Apart from treating your body head to toe in the general area of physiotherapy, we specialise in four physio sub-services:

Remedial Massage

Heal your muscles, joints, ligaments, and connective tissue with specialised care provided by our skilled remedial massage therapists. Our massage specialists with knowledge in anatomy and physiology can help you restore health and regain vitality with personalised treatments because we know that each patient’s remedial massage needs are unique.

Sports Physiotherapy

Athletes suffer different pains than the average person. They require targeted care with injuries and issues caused by strenuous workouts and stress accumulated from extending the body over its natural limits. Our trusted Bankstown physiotherapy specialists can help you with advanced evidence-based athlete treatments for faster recovery and injury prevention during day-to-day training and competitions.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s physiotherapy issues can cause a lot of distress for female patients - they are so intimate and personal. We will approach any musculoskeletal discomfort you might have with sensitivity, including common ailments related to pelvic dysfunction caused by age, surgery, and trauma, and provide specialised treatment to remove the cause of the issue, as well as the symptoms.

Shockwave Therapy

Surgery is not always the solution. As a multidisciplinary non-surgical remedy, shockwave therapy is an effective treatment for pain relief and restoring mobility for orthopedics, physio, and sports medicine issues. Acoustic waves get deep into the tissue to promote cell growth and repair, providing analgetic and restorative benefits for acute and chronic conditions.