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Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre provides

expert physiotherapy services at multiple NSW locations,

including the family-friendly and peaceful Peakhurst suburb.

Pro-Fit Physio Peakhurst is your go-to place for broad 

physiotherapy services. 

Subspecialties in Pro-Fit Physio Peakhurst

You don’t need to drive far to find trusted physiotherapists in the Peakhurst area — we are conveniently nearby and ready to help. We can help you with common physiotherapy issues such as back and neck pain, shoulder, knee, and hip injuries, sports or work-related injuries. Get in touch to book a free consultation or ask a question regarding our treatments, such as pilates classes, dry needling, remedial massage or fitness assessment and sports taping.

Our Physio Peakhurst Team

To maintain our high reputation and community trust we have worked hard over the years as a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. We collaborate with the best professionals in Peakhurst area. You can ask our physiotherapists about common physiotherapy programs or book a consultation to find out about personalised recovery plans.

Peakhurst physiotherapy specialists are trained to ensure the patient-oriented approach is put in practice from your first visit to the day you leave our clinic with health improvements.

Peakhurst Physio Pilates Classes

Pilates exercises have been growing in popularity as a recreational and physiotherapy treatment due to their effectiveness to improve flexibility, increase muscle tone and strength, and strengthen core muscles, especially in the abdominal area, lower back and hips. Practising Pilates is great for maintaining a healthy weight, as well as to beat symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue. Improve your mental and physical health, and increase your energy with Pilates exercises designed for you in our Peakhurst physiotherapy. Our intimate classes with a limited number of participants ensure you get individual attention to create a balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body and better control of your back and limbs.

Physio Services Available for Peakhurst Area

At Pro-Fit Physio, we create personalised programs through a patient-first lens to find effective pain relief solutions.

Dry Needling Therapy

Peakhurst physiotherapy services include dry needling since it is a proven method for quickly relieving pain. Similarly to traditional acupuncture, dry needling is a science-based technique for pain relief, muscle relaxation, motion range improvement, and addressing neuromuscular ailments. By applying needles to specific nerve points throughout the body, patients experience immediate relief due to the normalisation of the motor end plates functionality.

Fitness Assessment and Sports Taping

Professional athletes are dedicated to their craft and often overextend for the sake of achievement. Going overboard with training or overestimating one’s physical preparedness may result in injuries that can range from micro muscular tears to serious chronic pain. Even if you are a sportsperson who trains recreationally, you need to ensure you train within limits to get better without damaging your body. Pro-fit Physio for Peakhurst does fitness assessments that can indicate where you are at any given moment, and create an exercise and fitness plan to maximise your performance. Athletic taping is necessary to retain optimal strength for a long-term career. We provide sports taping services to restrict muscle and bones movement during physical activity and heal injuries faster.