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Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre is a provider of specialised physiotherapy services in several New South Wales suburbs, including the diverse residential area of Punchbowl. Your concern will be met with professionalism, discretion, and patience by a highly-skilled team of Punchbowl physiotherapists who offer free consultations to tackle your more serious issues or simply improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you are engaged in rigorous athletic activity, go through a life event that is taxing on your body, or suffer the stresses of modern life, we are here to help. A personalised program prepared by a licensed physio expert from our Punchbowl branch will support you in feeling your best.

Our Pro-Fit Physio Punchbowl Team

As a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, we have worked since its inception to earn and maintain a steady professional record. Our high standards dictate we collaborate only with the best. Get in touch to ask for our team's credentials and book your initial free consultation session.

Pro-Fit Physio Punchbowl Specialised Services

Our specialised treatments include massage therapy, dry needling therapy, fitness and sports taping, kinesiotherapy, Pilates classes, and placing plasters, casts, braces, and splints as part of treating fractures with immobilisation. We are located nearby so you don’t need to travel for hours to seek an expert physiotherapist trained to address your pain and discomfort. Our Punchbowl physio team is educated to help you with common physiotherapy issues such as back and neck pain, shoulder, knee, and hip injuries, sports and dance-related injuries, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular conditions, post-surgery recovery and overall bone, joint, and muscle health. To get your answers regarding specific conditions or book a free consultation get in touch now and inquire about our treatments such as Remedial Massage Therapy, Women’s Health Physio, Fitness Assessment, Pilates Classes, Plasters, Casts, Braces, Supports, and Splints.
At Pro-Fit Physio Punchbowl, we approach each patient with professional curiosity and empathy to develop a personalised program for fast healing and recovery.

Punchbowl Physio Pilates Classes

Improved energy, body posture, and core strength are among the many benefits of regularly practising Pilates. Pilates exercises reduce stress, promote body awareness, heal back pain, and ease menstrual pain. As years go by or with pregnancy-related aftermath, tissues and muscles around the hips, buttocks, lower back, and abdomen weaken and can cause chronic pain. Lack of core strength affects not only muscle tone and body posture but also mental health, energy levels, and enjoyment in daily activities. Take charge of your long-term health and wellbeing by visiting our Punchbowl physiotherapy centre to seek the Pilates exercise program most suitable for your body.

Physio Services Available for Punchbowl Area

At Pro-Fit Physio, we create personalised programs through a patient-first lens to find effective pain relief solutions.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

The post-natal period can be taxing on the new mother’s health because of the effect pregnancy has on the pelvic floor. Women’s health clinic at Pro-fit Physio Pelvic provides a pelvic floor assessment for new mothers and other women with pelvic floor issues. Incontinence, post-surgery pelvic floor recovery, menopause difficulties, endometriosis, and bladder pain are several of the diagnoses we can help you with, and develop an individual-specific program to improve the health of the sensitive area vital for general female fitness. The effort and discipline you spend to perform your exercises equals overall health improvement and a sooner return to normal daily activities.

Remedial Massage Services

Remedial massage is one of our most popular services because it provides immediate comfort for many pains. Our massage therapists are skilled at a range of massage techniques to soothe pain from injury and promote relaxation of body parts that have gone through strenuous activity. The benefits of well-performed remedial massage are so many that clients at Physio Punchbowl don’t forget to ask questions about how it can benefit the issue they face. Keep in mind that remedial massage is a remedial massage that requires a trained specialist to perform it — we keep our staff at the highest standards to ensure maximum efficiency during your treatment.