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Now that Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre provides

East Hills physio services, you do not need

to take a long journey to enjoy the benefits

of professional physiotherapy located nearby.

You can find our dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals

always ready to help with a free consultation and advice.

The team can tackle various aspects of your physical and

mental well-being and improve the quality of your overall life.

How To Get Your Free 20-Min East Hills Physio Assessment

Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre has a FREE initial 20-min physio assessments for first-time visitors.

Terms and Conditions

To get your free consultation, you need to mention that you have seen the web ad. Only the initial visit is free - all subsequent visits are paid according to the applicable rate, which is $94 per consultation.

Meet Our East Hills Physiotherapy Team

As a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, we have an over 15-year record of aiming to have team members with the best credentials. Our unique approach to treating patients with ultimate personalised care has grown into a community of 8 experienced professionals dedicated to treating any discomfort holistically.

Book a free 20-min consultation to learn more about our team and inquire about possible treatments.

Pro-Fit Physio Pilates Classes for East Hills Residents

Regular Pilates practice maintains your body’s posture and vitality long into advanced age. Pilates exercises target large and small muscle groups located externally and internally so that your whole body gets the necessary challenge to strengthen and remain supple and elastic. The advantage of a tailored Pilates program is that our team can create it in a way that puts pressure on specific muscle areas without overloading injured or painful parts. Pilates exercises can vary in intensity and style and are, therefore, an excellent post-natal treatment and support for women’s health physiotherapy. Drop us a visit at or send a message to learn more about how to incorporate Pilates classes into your health and fitness routine.

General and Specialised Physiotherapy East Hills Service Specialties

Our East Hills physio team is licensed to assist you in finding a quick way to healthy body for a vast range of physiotherapy services. Among the many physio modalities, we are exceptionally proud to offer Remedial Massage Services, Dry Needling, Foot Assessment, Dance Physiotherapy, Shockwave Therapy, Women’s Health Physio, Weight Loss and Diet Advice, Sports Taping Services, and Pilates Classes. Psychological consultations are a regular part of our holistic programs to help patients alleviate the mental and emotional burden that often accompanies physical ailments. Pro-fit East Hills physio invests in continuous staff education to solve the most common back, knee, and hip injuries and to bring advanced treatments in-house.

Remedial Massage Services

Because it provides efficient and immediate pain relief for many disorders, remedial massage is one of the most sought-after treatments in our clinic, available for East Hills residents. Remedial massage requires specialised physiotherapy training to build skills that address knots, pain, tension, and immobility in muscles, bones, and tendons.

Foot Assessment

The feet support your whole body weight throughout the day. Because they are responsible for body posture, even the slightest abnormality in how you position your foot while standing or walking can affect your musculoskeletal health and cause issues with other body parts. During your visit to Pro-Fit Physio for East Hills, our specialists will perform foot and gait assessment with an advanced scanning technique called Gait Scan and recommend orthotic products or alternative physiotherapies if needed.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave includes the use of electromagnetic wave vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissues to stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity. A series of shockwave treatments is proven to successfully treat problems with joints, tendons, and fascia that have occurred due to overuse or an injury. Common sports injuries such as the jumper’s knee and tennis elbow react well to shockwave therapy, and patients see improvements after several sessions. Schedule your free consult to resolve any unknowns about shockwave physio.