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With adequate post-surgery physio treatment,

even the scariest and most taxing surgeries

can become a thing of the past.

At Pro-Fit Physio and Allied Health Centre

we will help you to ease down the pain,

reduce joint swelling, improve the range of motion,

and strengthen the muscle tone after operation.

For best results, we recommend

exercising as soon as possible after the operation.

Planning Your Post Surgical Rehab

No surgery is the same. While you are on the road to regaining your vitality and strength, it is important to consult with your surgeon about the most effective post-surgery rehabilitation techniques that will fast-track your progress to full health. Compared to alternative first management strategies, physiotherapy not only reduces the overall medical costs by 72 percent before surgery, but it can also speed up rehab after surgery by preventing side effects.

Once you are done with the surgery and the consultation, a physiotherapy specialist can help you on the road to recovery by planning and executing an individualized post-surgery rehab plan. At Pro Fit Physio, we take care of you by doing computerized assessments and crafting specialized patient programs to target common surgery pains and consequences.

What Does Post Surgical Rehab Include

During the various stages of post-surgery rehabilitation, a team of physio specialists will work on:

  • Specialist consultation
  • Assessing your injury, often including computerized assessment of body parts
  • Advice and planning of an individualized post-surgery physio program
  • First-stage exercises during immobility, for instance, joint mobilization
  • Progressive exercises and treatments, including:
    1. Joint manipulation
    2. Muscle stretching
    3. Electrostimulations
    4. Heat and cold treatments
    5. Acupuncture
    6. Massage
    7. Neurodynamic techniques
  • Advanced techniques to retrace your way back to pre-surgery health.

Post-surgery rehab benefits encompass not only tackling the immediate pain point, but also generally improved physical and mental health, one you will be glad you undertook when you restore your healthy version earlier than expected.

The Most Common Surgeries for Which You Can Expect Physiotherapy Treatment

Here you are, sitting in your doctor’s room, deciding which is the best way forward to treat a serious injury. Some patients are left with no choice. For certain medical conditions, surgery is the only way to go.

The concern is natural in such situations. The most common question is: “What’s next?

Learning about targeted post-surgery rehabilitation programs can be immensely helpful to regain your confidence. Post surgery physio can help you heal faster in the following conditions:

Bone Fractures

A broken bone is a traumatic event that requires proper post-surgery rehab. After you are done placing the cast and/or the supportive device, your physio specialist will help you manage your weight-bearing or movement restrictions, help you gently exercise the muscle tissue around the fracture, and start planning for advanced post-surgery physio, once the cast is removed.

Treatments can include not only exercises to extend the range of motion, but also heat, ice or electrostimulation techniques, all with the purpose to reach full functional and walking mobility of the broken ankle or foot, as well as stabilize the fractured part in the overall bodily health.

Joint Replacement

Common joint replacement procedures in need of rehab after surgery include knee and hip replacements. Joint replacement is a severe orthopedic undertaking, but with the help of the right surgeon and a skilled physiotherapist, it can become more of a breeze than a burden.

Prosthetic Limbs

Even after an advanced orthopedic treatment such as placing a prosthetic arm or leg, you can continue to live a happy and functional life. Your physiotherapist will provide advice on how to use the newly acquired unusual extremity and help you learn tactile cues, as well as exercise on a treadmill to regain mobility.

Other Post-Surgery Physio Treatments

Apart from orthopedics, physiotherapy treatments are commonly used to treat a number of post-surgery consequences and side effects in alternative medical disciplines, such as:

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Laparotomy
  • Respiratory physio procedures
  • Breast cancer surgery

In fact, most internists who suggested the surgery may advise you to take post-operative treatment to rejuvenate your internal organs and tissues. Post-surgery physio helps with improved blood circulation and oxygenation of the sensitive injured part.