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Have you ever heard of Breema? It’s a unique blend of massage and meditation that shares similarities with yoga. This practice is all about achieving a harmonious equilibrium for both body and mind, resulting in a revitalized state of energy. Imagine it as a journey to relaxation that was originally woven together in the magical surroundings of Breemava, a mountain settlement in the Far East. Back in 1980, chiropractor Jon Schreiber crafted this holistic approach to well-being.

Breema isn’t just a physical experience; it’s a profound mind-body connection that leaves you feeling invigorated rather than depleted. Enthusiasts of Breema often report enhanced immune systems, improved blood circulation, and healthier internal organs.

So, what’s the secret behind Breema? It’s divided into two components: breema bodywork and self-breema exercises. In the first part, a skilled practitioner employs breema bodywork to ease tension and promote relaxation. The second part, self-breema, consists of exercises you can do solo. Both aspects work in tandem to help you release emotional, mental, and physical stress. Flexibility, heightened awareness of your energy, and overall well-being are some additional perks you might experience from breema bodywork.

Let’s dive into a simple exercise that embodies the essence of Breema:

Knee Bending Exercise

Step One: Participant #1, the one relaxing, lies on their back with their feet positioned on Participant #2’s body, just above the hip bones. As Participant #2 slowly bends forward, they bend their knees, bringing them toward Participant #1’s chest. Maintain this pose for a count of ten.

Step Two: Participant #2 delicately holds Participant #1’s ankles, gently grasping the Achilles’ tendons with their fingers, and gradually pulls their legs. This motion should last about five seconds. Repeat this sequence three times, or as desired. It’s important that neither participant feels any tension or pressure during the exercise.

The essence of Breema is encapsulated by its Nine Principles of Harmony:

  1. Comfort: Every exercise should be comfortable and free from discomfort.
  2. Firmness and Gentleness: Striking the right balance between firmness and gentleness characterizes these exercises.
  3. No Force: Movements and exercises should flow without the application of force.
  4. Mutual Support: It’s a reciprocal exchange – both giving and receiving simultaneously.
  5. No Judgment: The aim is to provide comfort and foster self-acceptance.
  6. Full Participation: The client actively engages both their body and mind.
  7. No Hurry and No Pause: Movements are deliberate, flowing seamlessly from one to the next.
  8. No Extra: Embracing the present moment, clients tap into their authentic selves.
  9. Single Moment: Each movement is a complete expression of our innate nature.

Breema offers a pathway to balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation – a journey worth exploring for anyone seeking harmony between their body and mind.

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